"Yin and Yang Unplugged"
Yin and Yang were tired of being compared to one another. They fought, and finally tore themselves apart, only to find (Damn!) that apart, they were just the same. It was only when they were together and compared that they're differences were apparent. Much like us methinks ?
"Boobook Owl with Water Feature"
A Boobook owl sits on a Gothic Archway which leads to a surreal world. Behind him is a bell tree, on which grow magical flying bells.
(This painting was done in 2002, many years before I had even heard of the flying gold snitch of Harry Potter fame).
"Dali in Paradise"
Dali and Gala sit on a checked terrace outside their home in Paradise. They are surrounded by their own inspiration, a Giraffe, a Tiger, a Rhinoceros, and long legged Dalinian Elephants. The entrance to their home is the trompe-l'oeil doorway that Dali painted on the wall of his art studio. It is now a doorway through with he can walk into a world of his own creation. The red cloth is always representative of Dali the Spaniard..
"Dali on Ice, Stirred, not Shaken"
In the Australian desert sits a checkered fridge in which you will find a faceless head and a clock without numbers. Strange little swan plants hover nearby.
"Near-sighted Echidna Chatting up a Banksia Cone"
I was looking at one of my Banksia Cones, and to me it looked like an Echidna. It occurred to me that another Echidna may think so too, especially if it were nearsighted.
"Echidna Trail"
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